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We'll Figure it Out; Embracing Uncertainty

Updated: May 20, 2020

“The magic lies in the uncertainty” Jack Kornfield

Collectively, as a global community, we are living through chaotic, uncertain times. We don’t really know what will happen next and this uncertainty can cause anxiety and overwhelm. The truth be told, everything is and has always been uncertain.

“Uncertainty” is the state of how things are, even if we don’t realize it. We don’t even know what will happen from one moment to the next. We may carefully plan but how many times must you pivot when reality creeps its way in with no regard for your well-crafted plans? The fact is that we really never know what will happen.

The current circumstances have given us the opportunity to uncover how impermanent everything really is. The things may we have relied on to make us feel happy, stable, and comfortable may not be available. So if we can learn the skill of EMBRACING UNCERTAINTY, we may be much better off.

Stressing over what will happen maybe a waste of valuable mental resources. The stress chemicals released into the body worrying over what will happen can take up to six hours to clear the body. Can we invite ourselves to work with uncertainty in a different way?

My teacher Jack Kornfield, talked about uncertainty and how though it could be hard, “the magic lies in the uncertainty.” If we can focus on the possibilities in the uncertainty than maybe we can shift our perspective to see the good that is going on all around us. We have this opportunity to reset, to fall in love with uncertainty and simply be ok with figuring it out!

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